Fresh Groceries & Pantry Items in London / UK During Covid-19

EDIT 2020-03-31: Thank you for the overwhelming response! I continue to update the spreadsheet at least once daily, so don’t forget to send in your tips here.

First, the spreadsheet can be found here. Please feel free to share with those who would find it helpful!

Additionally, the more “post-code” friendly solutions (i.e. where you can look up things that are local to you) might be to check out DropWineApp for wine, BigBarn for local stores, and FoodChain mainly for large scale boxes (ideal for families). You can also take a virtual stroll through your neighbourhood and see what local businesses (restaurants, shops, and more) are offering in terms of delivery / collections / takeaway on myvirtualneighbourhood. Don’t forget, there are now grocery delivery options (albeit a bit pricey) now on Deliveroo, and Beelivery do not own any grocery stock but have a team of local deliverers that can help procure and delivery fresh produce in 90 minutes across the UK. 

The genesis of this sheet is that I’ve been working from home the last two weeks, and apparently have too much time in the evenings, so I’ve manually compiled a list of independent suppliers of fresh veg / fruit, meat & seafood, milk & dairy, baker, non-perishable items like coffee and tea, and wine & cheese. This list does not include takeaway meals as such a project would be far too ambitious and much more postcode dependent!

The main motivation for doing this is three fold:

  1. Alternatives & help the vulnerable: Ocado, Sainsburys, and other mainstream supermarkets that do delivery have very limited slots as is, and I’d much rather leave those slots for those who need it most.
  2. Support local: A lot of the independent food suppliers have lost their main source of business – restaurants. So, this is a way of supporting local businesses through this difficult time.
  3. Sheer discovery of new companies and brands: It’s been an absolute joy trying cheeses from different cheese mongers I haven’t previously tried, or eating seafood direct from the coast.

There hasn’t been a super elegant online solution that I’ve found so far, so I’ve spent my evenings compiling this list from a few different sources like myhungryvalentine, rocketandsquash, eatlikeagirl, suggestions from my lovely friends, a wine email newsletter from winecarboot that I got forwarded, and the ones listed on new covent garden market.

Hope this helps you, and please do share with friends and family 🙂 If you have any other suggestions, please share in the comments or add to my Google Form here and I’ll edit / curate them and add them in 🙂


Some fantastic French goat cheese from Provisions.



7 thoughts on “Fresh Groceries & Pantry Items in London / UK During Covid-19

  1. Hi there I was told to contact you by Michael who I think was impressed by your effort.
    We are small wine importers distributors with our office and shop in Shacklewell Lane 107, E8 2EB
    Shop is called Winehouse and we are doing local deliveries. It would be great if you put as on your list.
    many thanks


  2. THANK YOU for this wonderful spreadsheet…it is really useful and I hope to be able to use it at some point but, alas, right now… most standard groceries appear to be out of stock or the services are at full capacity and unable to take any more orders!! 😦


      • As far as I can tell, a lot of these are still delivering – you just might need to wait a few days. For example, I ordered one from Knock Knock on Wednesday last week and got confirmation on Friday that they’re delivering tomorrow. So that’s not too badz


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